About My Practice

I am an educational therapist and credentialed special education teacher in the San Jose/Campbell area. I have over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages and learners of all abilities.

I provide services to meet the comprehensive needs of children and adolescents with suspected or diagnosed language/learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and Asperger’s Disorder, all of which can contribute to difficulties in school.

I strive to address learning challenges with both a remedial and a therapeutic approach to help clients successfully cope with their learning challenges and achieve their learning goals.

I recognize the importance of remediation to bring a student up to grade level. In addition, I feel that coaching is a key ingredient for success. This approach helps a student begin a process of self awareness and self acceptance, and acquire very important self advocacy skills. Self advocacy is essential for a student to become a self-regulated, strategic learner, and an independent adult.

I use a variety of systematic, multi-sensory, sequential, and research based methods to develop individualized instruction. This strategy can remediate difficulties in reading, verbal and written comprehension, writing, vocabulary, math, organization and study skills.

All therapy services are private and one on one. Unfortunately, insurance is not accepted. Please contact me if I can help your child, yourself, or a family member.

Lorette Keane

(408) 202-2244

Located near Hamilton Ave and the 17 Freeway at

441 N Central Ave. #6

Campbell, CA 95008

Many successful adults struggled in school. There are many different types of intelligence and traditional education tends to focus on a limited few.

"Young George ... although he was bright and intelligent and bursting with energy, he was unable to read and write. Patton's wife corrected his spelling, his punctuation, and his grammar."

-Biographer Martin Blumenson on General George Patton

"I performed poorly at school, when I attended, that is, and was perceived as stupid because of my dyslexia. I still have trouble reading. I have to concentrate very hard at going left to right, left to right, otherwise my eye just wanders to the bottom of the page."

- Tommy Hilfiger, Clothing Designer

"He told me that his teachers reported that ... he was mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams."

-Hans Albert Einstein, on his father, Albert Einstein

"His childhood was 'awful'. He was a moody, lonely, only child whose main pleasure was playing the piano and whose father worried about him not being like other boys. He believes that success has made him a nicer person. 'I feel more responsive to other people because I'm not so insecure. I just feel reassured that I wasn't the moron I thought I was.'"

- Anthony Hopkins, Actor

"My problem was reading very slowly. My parents said 'Take as long as you need. As long as you're going to read, just keep at it.' We didn't know about learning disabilities back then."

- Roger Wilkins, Head of the Pulitzer Prize Board